Super 8 Ste-Foy

Super 8 Hotel Québec Ste-Foy - Ste-Foy QC

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Take a ride on our 80' Waterslide!


Choosing the Super 8 Hotel for your next vacation will ensure you have a fun and relaxing time!

After a long day of traveling or work, stepping down to our pool area is a must for a peaceful end to the day. Our pool area has features that both children and adults will love!

The Super 8 hotel includes a 40 foot long pool that drops to 1.5 meters in the deep end. Whether you choose to unwind by swimming a few laps or simply want play in the shallow end, this pool is big enough to accommodate everyone!

Children will love playing under our giant mushroom that pours down water and avoiding the spraying post that spouts water located in the shallow end!

The highlight of our pool area is our enormous 80 foot waterslide! Our guests always get a thrill out of zooming down! Parents will feel comfortable watching their children play while they lounge on the chairs all around our spacious pool deck.

Adults will also love taking a relaxing dip in our whirlpool, especially after a long day of traveling! For even more relaxation, be sure to step into our toasty sauna to completely unwind.

Even if you’re not a visitor to our area, our pool can still be made available. The Super 8 is always a popular spot for birthday parties! Children love racing down the waterslide and splashing under the mushroom with their friends. It’s a simple and relaxing option for any parent. Parents will enjoy lying back on the pool deck and relaxing while the birthday party is in full swing.